About Us

A family business offering the perfect place to call home

The Wynn Group of Companies was established over 40 years ago. It started as a small family-run enterprise and continues to be family owned and operated. The Wynn Group of Companies has grown to include over 4500 residential units and 3 million sq ft of commercial space, a home and condominium building division and a fitness chain, making it possible for more people to connect with The Wynn Group – a dedicated company and trusted name.

Location, size and budget – we’ve got you covered

Apartments for rent in Toronto can be hard to find, especially if you’re particular in your needs, whether they be location, size or budget. That is what makes The Wynn Group of Companies such a great option! The GTA is enormous, in both size and population, and we have it covered with apartment rentals including short term apartments for rent, student apartments for rent and traditional single and family living apartment rentals across the city.